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Title: Alliance recruitment
Post by: MyronDansby on December 24, 2015, 00:29:10 AM
i am just now trying to create a alliance called Phobia Alliance.

i am doing this in two realms of this game and this is one of them i hope - i'm not sure i am posting in the right realm recruitment area.

i also am playing in more then one online game so i will be here as often as i can but i got to keep an eye on the other game as well.

here is what my Alliance is about;

we fight with honor, we unite together as one, and we support each other at all times.

other Alliances if we go to war with you we will barrier your dead right besides our own before we leave the battle field and we respect everyone at all times.

game rules apply.

as a member what this alliance becomes is up to you all = the taxes are set to 2% on gold, wood, coal and stone.

taxes as long as i am running the Alliance will not go up or down, diamond donations is up to whoever just note some things this alliance needs to grow require them - i will not ask or beg for them so make the Alliance what you want it to be.

all major dissensions will be voted on and the most votes win.

unity for all and protection for all is what we're about.

please note that i don't care what nation a person is from, their age or if they have fur or hair - all are welcome no matter what - lets have fun.

i hope everyone likes to talk because i do and i'm sorry to say at the moment i only speak and read American English.