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Title: Trade balance
Post by: yovanna on November 15, 2010, 17:16:30 PM
1)   Trade balance – gold transfer between players
     - Players can send or receive not more than 10% of their current networth.

Example: If the player has 1000 networth points (1 000 000 gold equivalent) his Trade balance limit is 100 000 gold which means that he/she can receive or send up to 100 000 gold maximum.

-   The Trade balance limit increases/decreases in accordance to the networth increase/decrease of the player.

Example: At day 1 a player is worth 1000 points and can receive or send up to 100 000gold. At day 2 he/she grows to 2000 points which automatically increases his/her limit to 200 000 gold. If at day 1 he/she receives 100 000 gold his balance will be used up and he/she won’t be able to receive anymore. At day 2 he/she will be able to receive 100 000 more gold because his/her new balance limit has grown up to 200 000 gold due to the networth increase. The same thing applies if a player loses networth points.

-   Gold transfer is taxed. The closer to his/her limit a player is, the more gold will be lost during transferring. The sender will be notified how much of his gold will be lost due to taxation.

-   Gold will be sent using Supply wagons and will be received in the Depot station.