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Title: Alliance donations
Post by: yovanna on November 15, 2010, 13:58:33 PM
2)   Alliance donations

-   Alliance donations are now limited.
-   With 1st level of Alliance Administration, players can donate up to 30% of their networth points. With 2nd level – 20%. And with 3rd level on – 10%.

Example: If a player has 1000 points (1 000 000 Gold equivalent) and his alliance has 1st Administration level that means he/she can donate not more than 300 000 gold. If on the next day he/she grows to 2000 networth points and his alliance has researched another Administration his/her limit will increase to  400 000 gold total. Since he/she has already donated 300 000 gold he/she will be actually able to donate just 100 000 more gold. After that, this player cannot donate anything to the alliance.